Self Pay Prices

For patients paying in full at the time of service, a significant discount to our customary pricing has already been applied to the pricing listed below. Paying at the time of visit allows us to discount prices and pass on the savings through reduced cost associated with insurance verification, billing company charges, payment denial management, medical documentation and other expenses.

Office Visit Prices for Self Pay Patients

Payment due at time of service

Basic New Patient Office Visit $100-$125

Established Patient Office Visit $65-$110

Additional Charges in addition to Office Visit

Abscess Incision and Drainage $90

Laceration Repair $90

EKG $45


B12 $20

PPD $45

Flu Vaccine $25

Tetanus Vaccine (pertussis not included) $45

Phenergan Injection $30

Joint Injection $75

Rocephin Injection $45

Steroid Injection $25

Toradol Injection $25

In Office Testing

Flu Test $25

Mono Test $20

Strep Test No charge with visit

Urinalysis No charge with visit

Urine Pregnancy test $20

Rapid Covid Test $65

Lab Tests

(performed through commercial lab)

CBC $8

CMP $8

Lipid Panel $8

TSH $8

PSA $10

Thyroid Profile $12

Testosterone $15

Uric Acid $8

Hepatitis Panel $25

B12 Level $15

Blood Type $20

Arthritis Profile $40

Autoimmune Profile $85

Many Other Test Available